Testimonials from Happy Customers

“The end result is amazing – we couldn’t be more happy with it. It has transformed our outside space and given new life to an otherwise inoffensive but functional wall. We opted for a floating bench to enable us to make the most of our living wall and we have found ourselves using the space much more over the summer than we ever did previously.”

– Jamie, Emma, and Charlotte Thrower

“It’s really easy to maintain and if we want to change the plants around for a bit for added colour or different texture, it’s really easy to swap plants around – almost like lego bricks, just pop them in”.

– Steven & Harvey

“BRILLIANT idea and the end results are stunning. Would be great to see it used on ugly major roads and in urban environments like schools and offices”

– Barclays Bank One Small Step Competition

“My team and our customers love our living wall as it has brought nature to our courtyard.

– Mark Wheeler, Project Manager at Magic Memories. London Zoo
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